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Olivella is located in the Garraf region, in the province of Barcelona. Located in the heart of the Garraf Natural Park, the municipality covers an area of ​​38.8 square kilometers.

The town of Olivella –Olivellencs and olivellenques- is concentrated in the old town (around the Town Hall and the Església Nova) and in the five urbanisations that make up the town: Can Surià, La Plana Novella, Les Colines, Mas Mestre and Mas Milà.

To find the origin of Olivella, it is necessary to travel to the year 992. In the nucleus of the Castell Vell, a point located on the hill of Puig Molí, lived families who supported themselves through rainfed agriculture. At that time, the dominion of the lands of the municipality was in the hands of the bishopric of Barcelona and of figures like Pere de Ferran or Pere de Puig-roig. In 1264, the fortress was renamed Castell Nou d’Olivella.

The Black Death was tragic for the people, as it caused a great decline in the number of inhabitants. But from the 14th century onwards, the population grew again around different farmhouses such as Les Piques del Masseguer, Can Suriol, Mas Bargalló, La Crivillera, Can Grau, Can Martí and the Masia del Rector.

The increase in population in the first half of the 17th century meant that in 1625, the parish of Sant Pere i Sant Feliu moved to Castell Nou, the starting point of the current town of Olivella.

Towards the end of the 19th century, Olivella –like many municipalities on the Catalan coast– benefited from the wealth of the Indians who made the Americas, with numerous figures such as, for example, Pere Domènech i Grau who, despite being originally from Sitges, promoted the construction of the Palau Novella in Olivella.

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